Green Card

Well here it is, the film title we’ve all been waiting for! And in only two months, although they say it can take up to six. My green card arrived today, three years to the day that JT and I first physically met.  What a crazy, wonderful, weird three years it has been. So now … More Green Card

Sourdough Bread

Now I’m settling into my life here, I thought it was time I started baking again.  I decided to start with bread, as I find the bought bread here in the US overly sweet and oddly textured. My sour dough starter was a gift from my sister and I brought “her” across, frozen,in my suitcase, … More Sourdough Bread


We just had our first critter encounter ,with a psychotic chipmunk. It dashed across the road at us and Black Dog was all “what is that? I must kill it!” Brown Dog started baying like the Belvoir in full cry and leaping so high off the ground in cat pounces, it was more like flying a kite … More Critters